Special Attention

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Special women need special attention. This book addresses issues of mental illnesses from the standpoint of relationships and sexuality.


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CHEE$E: THE REAL STORY examines the real story of Chee$e, a young, black male from the Westside of Atlanta, Georgia. The real story of Cheese, a young, black male from an inner-city in America who became a product of his environment after making choices with his life with limited options. This dopeboy’s resume details his upbringing from the baby crib to the corner crack sales to the blood that eventually stained the concrete. From the cradle to the corner to the blood that eventually stained the concrete, CHEE$E: THE REAL STORY explores the day-to-day details of trap stars and hood figures in inner-cities across America.


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The documentation of a spiritual journey from General Education Diploma to Masters of Business Administration unfolds in Sips of My Grandmother’s Coffee. This is an inspiring story filled with audaciousness faith, perseverance, tenacity, authenticity, originality, and resilience while in pursuit of knowledge. In spite of failures, a mental condition, a school closure, losses, and an acquisition, to rise to the call of higher learning. Sips of My Grandmother’s Coffee is a compelling story of overcoming adversity. A story written for people dealing with schizophrenia, for people who want to know more about schizophrenia, and for people with family members who are dealing with schizophrenia.